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“Good behaviour is promoted; bullying is prevented so far as is reasonably practicable.”

ISI Report - Spring 2018

“Pupils are willing learners and settle quickly in lessons.”

ISI Report - Spring 2018

Pupils… “are articulate speakers and can express their opinions clearly.”

ISI Report - Spring 2018

“Children in the EYFS can explain their ideas to their peers clearly.”

ISI Report - Spring 2018

“Well-structured teaching with use of appropriate resources supports their work…”

ISI Report - Spring 2018

”Pupils grow in self-confidence and self-esteem.”

ISI Report - Spring 2018

“The school is successful in creating a nurturing atmosphere in which pupils feel valued for themselves…”

ISI Report - Spring 2018

Pupils…“have good manners and their conduct is generally good.”

ISI Report - Spring 2018

“Children in the EYFS are socially aware and at an appropriate level for their age.”

ISI Report - Spring 2018

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St. John Ambulance Badger Sett

Badger Sett

St. Peter’s is really proud to operate the first school based St. John Ambulance Badger Sett in the county of Northamptonshire.

Welcome to Badgers

Anyone in the St. Peter’s Prep. Dept. aged between five and ten years old can join the school Badger Sett. At Badgers it's all about fun and adventure!

Badgers take part in a lively programme, working towards their Super Badger Award. The programme has been developed to enable young people to learn important life skills in a fun and safe environment.

Badgers can choose from fifteen subjects to help complete their award. These range from Creative and Active, to Healthy and Caring.

Once a Badger has completed their membership paw, they move onto their bronze paw, which is awarded after completing three subjects. A further three subjects will gain the silver paw and another three for the gold paw. A Badger becomes a super Badger when they have completed twelve subjects.

Badgers learn important first aid skills through their Super Badger Award and various first aid courses. Badgers can get a really cool black and white uniform which they can wear in the Sett and at some public events.

Weekly meetings

Badgers meet once a week in school for around an hour and a half. Our Badger leaders are Mrs. Carvell and Mr. Gibson. They are appropriately trained and follow guidelines to ensure young people are safe and get the most out of being a member of St John Ambulance.

Programme overview

Think of the programme as a staircase. It has steps the Badgers climb towards the Super Badger Award - the highest award for Badgers.

Within the first few weeks of joining, Badgers take their first step by achieving their Welcome Paw Award.

There are then 15 Badger subjects available from which a Badger completes 12 to gain their Super Badger Award. These 12 Badger subjects are chosen by the Badgers themselves. The Badger Leader will normally select three or four subjects that most Badgers need to complete and everyone has the opportunity to vote for the subject they would like to do next.

As a Badger takes part in the subjects, their efforts are recognised by Paw Awards. One is awarded after every three subjects completed:

  • Three badges – Bronze Paw Award
  • Six badges – Silver Paw Award
  • Nine badges – Gold Paw Award
  • 12 badges – Super Badger Award

Badger subjects

Badgers can choose from fifteen subjects to help complete their award. Once a Badger has completed twelve subjects they are awarded their Super Badger Award:

  • Active Badger involves learning about the various aspects of being active. You will learn all about being active, the body and team games … all this while having lots of fun!
  • As an Adventure Badger you will have fun camping and learning how to use a compass. You will also learn about the great outdoors and how to enjoy it safely.
  • Badger First Aider is all about learning how to do first aid. You will find out what to do at the scene of an accident, learn how to put someone in the recovery position and find out about bleeding, burns and bones!
  • Being a Caring Badger means you will learn about how to care for yourself and others. You will also learn how to look after pets and find out about people who look after animals.
  • Communication Badger is all about learning how we communicate with each other and how animals communicate. You will also find out about how we use technology to communicate.
  • Being a Creative Badger, you will learn lots of new skills like printing and designing, or weaving and sculpting. You might even learn some new hobbies.
  • Eco Badger learns to protect the environment, avoid wastage, preserve nature and looks after the environment …. All this and having fun doing it!
  • This subject teaches you all about entertainment. This can include music, theatre, film, TV, video and much more. As an Entertain Badger, you may also learn about dance, circus skills and singing!
  • A Global Badger learns about world cultures and other people’s beliefs. Finding out about festivals, food, weather and going on holiday are just some of the great things you will get to do.
  • Healthy Badger learns about the body, food and nutrition, exercise and about being healthy.
  • Hungry Badgers … get out the pots and pans. You will learn all about food and how to cook it, you may even get to hold a party!
  • Learn about your community and other communities across the world with My World Badger.
  • The world can be a dangerous place, being a Safety Badger can help you learn to stay safe in the home, on the road, with water and outdoors.
  • St John has been around for over 900 years. Being a St John Family Badger allows you to learn all about the organisation you belong to and how you play a special part in it.
  • Take a walk on the wild side and learn about wild animals, past, present and future. Why not become a Wild Badger and learn about wild flowers and woodlands.

If you would like more information about the St. Peter’s Badger Sett please come to talk to Mrs. Carvel and Mr. Gibson.

We look forward to seeing you soon.