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St Peter's Independent

Prep 1

Prep 1 teacher: Julie Fenlon - jfenlon@stpetersindependent.org.uk

As in the other Primary Classes, the children experience a range of topics across the curriculum. Wherever possible, links are made between the subjects to aid the children`s learning and understanding.

Some of the topics we will be covering this year are:

  • English: Stories from familiar settings, Poetry based on Our Senses, a range of Non-fiction texts focussing on labels, lists, captions and instructions.
  • Maths: Place Value, Addition, Subtraction, Length, Weight, Properties of 2D and 3D Shape and Time.
  • Science: Our Senses, the Seasons, Materials, Plants and Animals.
  • History: Florence Nightingale, The Great Fire of London, Victorian Children.
  • Geography: Towns and Countries, Our Local Area.
  • Computing: Algorithms, using simple programs and organising, storing, retrieving and manipulating data.
  • Art/ DT: Self-Portraits, Puppets, Playgrounds
  • PSHE: New Beginnings, Getting On and Falling Out, Going for Goals, Good To Be Me, Relationships and Changes
  • RE: Places and People in Christianity, Books and stories in Christianity, The Family in Judaism, The Torah.
  • PE: Developing skills across the units-Gymnastics, Dance and Games 

PE kits are required on Mondays and Wednesdays

Prep 1 timetable (Click to view)