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Teacher of Science: Martin Johnson - mjohnson@stpetersindependent.org.uk

Teacher of Science: David Gibson - dgibson@stpetersindependent.org.uk



At St. Peter’s, in common with many schools, KS3 science is taught in years 7 and 8 (Forms 1
and 2).

Teaching is topic based with topics generally covering one of the three separate sciences: biology, chemistry or physics.

Topics Include:

Cells, Tissues and Organs
Health and Lifestyle
Adaptation and Inheritance

Particles in Action
Atoms, Elements and Compounds
Acids, Alkalis and Chemical Reactions
Our Planet

Electricity and Magnetism
Sound and Light
Energy and Energy Transfer
Forces and Motion 


 GCSE science is a double GCSE – students will get two grades on their certificate

The course we follow is OCR Gateway Combined Science A (9-1) (J250)  

Although a combined science, OCR Gateway retains separate elements of Biology, Chemistry and Physics, both in its teaching and assessment

GCSE science teaching begins in year 9 (Form 3) in order to accommodate the increased content of a double GCSE and allow extra time toward the end of the course for revision.

There are six teaching topics for each of the sciences:

B1: Cell level systems
B2: Scaling up
B3: Organism level systems
B4: Community level systems
B5: Genes, inheritance and selection
B6: Global challenges

C1: Particles
C2: Elements, compounds and mixtures
C3: Chemical reactions
C4: Predicting and identifying reactions and products
C5: Monitoring and controlling chemical reactions
C6 Global challenges

P1: Matter
P2: Forces
P3: Electricity and magnetism
P4: Waves and radioactivity
P5: Energy
P6: Global challenges

In addition, each of the sciences has a set of practical skills which must be covered and which can be examined on any of that sciences papers. This replaces internal practical assessments from previous years.

Each of the three sciences is examined with two papers (six in total) at one of two levels Foundation or Higher. Foundation papers assess grades 5-5 to 1-1, and higher papers grades 9-9 to 4-4.